Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Movie Recap

It has been a couple of weeks since we talked about Hereafter. I thought I would give everyone a last chance to share any thoughts about this movie, which may have come to mind after the discussion ended. I thought we had a good discussion and covered a lot of territory in only about 35 minutes of back and forth. 

Two points particularly struck me. First, Clint Eastwood doesn’t fully develop any of the main characters. He sets them in motion as an emotional type. The story isn’t about the sequence of events or specific characters, but about how each of these emotional types react to the events. I have been thinking about other Eastwood movies since we met, and I have been considering whether this is truly a pattern on his part.

Secondly, we had a question about whether the movie promoted the idea of Fate vs. Randomness in life. The idea that was put forward that these characters defined by their emotions are more likely to respond in predictable ways. I don’t want to recap the entire discussion, but I like the idea of Likelihood rather than either Fate or Randomness. Likelihood seems to be a more elegant answer.

Of course you may think I am completely off my rocker. Please, leave any of your last minute observations as comments.

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